Easter Egg Craft:                                                          Tuesday, April 14 @ 4:30pm                                               Join us as we have fun making an Easter Egg Craft.                

Build a Birdhouse:                                                   Thursday, March 27 @ 4:30pm                                              Boys Adventure Club meets American Girl Club! Get your game day on with super activities, crafts, games, and more! 

Flying Machines
Monday, March 24 @ 4:30pm                                                     Try your hand at making projects that fly.

For the Birds
Monday, March 31 @ 4:30pm
Join us for bird related crafts.

Eggs, Part 1
Monday, April 7 @ 4:30pm
Get crafty with eggs. Projects include blown eggs.

Eggs, Part 2
Monday, April 14 @ 4:30pm
More Crafting with eggs.                                                                                                   Feed the Birds
Monday, April 21 @ 4:30pm
Join us for fun projects, including making a birdfeeder.

Have some fun and pave the way for learning at our Lego Play Group!  Join us for 90 minutes of thematic, free-spirited Lego building and leave with a bonus:  our favorite reading suggestions around each theme! All Ages Welcome.

Sat. March 22 @1:30pm and April 19 @ 1:30pm

Make an impression through artistic expression!  Painting, basket weaving, jewelry making and more! 

Tuesday, April 1 @ 4:30pm
Learn to make a kite in this hands-on workshop.

Quills & More                                                                            Thursday, April 3 @ 4:30 pm                                                 Grades 2-5: If you like whoppers, legends, and all things larger-than-life, enjoy fun activities including coming up with your own tall tale. 

Help develop your child's love of reading early with great stories, songs, bubbles, and fun.
For children ages Birth - 35 Months
Caregivers required, siblings are welcome. 
Wed 9:30am/10:30am & Thurs 9:30am/10:30am

For March 26 - April 24: 

To register for Wednesdays @ 9:30, click here

To register for Wednesdays @ 10:30, click here

To register for Thursdays @ 9:30, click here 

To register for Thursdays @ 10:30, click here 

Join Miss Rachel in the evening for great bedtime stories and songs. 
For children ages Birth -35 months. 
20 minute Circle Time. 
Caregivers required, siblings are welcome
Tuesdays 6:30 p.m.    

For March 25 - April 22:   

To register for Tuesdays @ 6:30, click here      

Enjoy great stories, songs, and lots of fun in this interactive storytime.  Simple crafts and toys afterwards.  For children ages 24 to 35 months.
20 minute Circle Time.
Caregivers required, siblings are welcome.
Wednesdays & Thursdays 11:15

For March 26 - April 24:

To register for Wednesdays @ 11:15, click here 

To register for Thursdays @ 11:15, click here

Join Miss Anne and Scruffy for exciting books, stories, finger plays, and songs! 
For children ages 3-5 years.
30 minute Circle Time/15 minutes Craft Time.

Tues. 6:30 p.m./Wed.& Thurs. 9:30, 10:30 & 2:00
For March 25 - April 24:

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To register for Wednesdays @ 10:30, click here
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To register for Thursdays @ 10:30, click here
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The Preschool Sensation Station Express is an interactive learning environment with a myriad of sensory activities that teach preschool children early literacy skills.  The sensation stations are open following each preschool storytime.  At these stations, parents will work with their children developing the six essential early literacy skills: Letter Knowledge, Print Awareness, Narrative Skills, Phonological Awareness, Print Motivation, and Vocabulary Skills.  We were able to purchase many of the fun and inviting materials in these stations with a generous grant from the Target Corporation.