C.S. Lewis once said, "We read to know we are not alone."  Opening a book and becoming immersed in a story not only develops the mind but teaches empathy, broadens the imagination, and sparks creativity.  We read to learn, to escape, and to better understand the world around us, but developing reading skills also contributes to economic growth and development.  The Greenwood Public Library's vision is a community where all citizens are reaching their full potential for success and are enthusiastic about the future, and we believe that literacy can make that vision a reality.

This year we are embarking on a READING REVOLUTION, a strategic initiative to make literacy and reading a topic of conversation throughout all of Greenwood.  Through an up-to-date collection of both print and digital materials, exciting programs, community partnerships, and outreach events specifically focused on literacy based activities, we are excited to make reading a hot topic throughout the city.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?


SaveWays to Get Involved

Read!  Check out our GPL Blog for some great recommendations.  Challenge yourself to read widely and share what you're reading.

Join a book club - the library has five fun book clubs that will get you involved in the conversation!  Find the one that is the best fit for your reading tastes and join us for exciting discussions.

Check out the My Librarians page for reading lists cultivated by your friendly librarians!  Not sure what to read next? Have a librarian create a personalized reading list just for you!

Explore our "100 Years, 100 Books" lists for kids, teens, and adults!  The librarians have selected 100 titles for each group that come highly recommended.

Coming soon: "Book Chats" out in our community!  Join us as we visit a community partner and share information on new books, popular books, and books we love.  Keep your eye out for fun book related programming all year including our Summer Reading Program in May for a two month family reading celebration!