Citizen Scientist

Let's become Citizen Scientists!  What are Citizen Scientists? You and me! It’s public participation in scientific research. We can help scientists with their research by observing and recording data that we will send to them.  Check out our current and upcoming projects below!

Hummingbirds | March - May 2021

Join us as we start a series on hummingbirds. We will have videos and crafts as we work together to help the hummingbirds.
What exactly are we doing? First we will make hummingbird feeders. These feeders will serve as our nectar sources and observation sites. You'll spend just a few minutes each week collecting data. The data is then entered on the Audubon website, which researchers will use to help protect the hummingbirds.
March 24 - Tune in to our video to find out what this project entails, and how you can be part of it!
April 21 - We will DIY hummingbird feeders. You can use items you have around your home, or pick up the supplies at the library. We will have a limited number available.
May 19 - This month our video will be about observation and data entry. Now that our hummingbird feeders are up, how can we attract them? Gardening for hummingbirds will also be discussed!
More information is available at the Audubon Society - Hummingbirds At Home link.

If you’d like to join us, you can register on Program Calendar, or just follow along with the videos on our YouTube page.


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