subject guide: Gardening containers

You don’t have a yard or the time for a garden?  Go small in a big way!  Get a wealth of ideas from
the container gardening resources available.

Library Materials




Iowa State Tip Sheet for Container Gardening -

Southern Living Magazine -
Gardening section has many inspiring photos and interesting articles.  Please note: most plants mentioned are tropical, meaning they will only grow here in Indiana in the summer.

Walter Anderson Nursery - Think outside the box with these container garden ideas from Walter Andersen Nursery.

Fernlea Flowers -
More container gardening recipe ideas from Fernlea.

Container Gardening -
Get articles and transcripts from HGTV shows about container gardening.

Horticulture & Master Gardener -
Want to gather together with other gardeners?  Look into becoming a Master Gardener.

Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens -
Garfield Park often offers container gardening workshops and is a great place to visit for inspiration.

Ohio State University WebGarden -
Need a picture of a plant or want to watch an online video about a gardening topic?  Check out this
resource from Ohio State University.


When is it safe to plant my spring flowers?
Pansies can be planted early spring (April) but it is best to wait until Mid-May in Greenwood before anything sensitive is planted in container gardens – or be ready to cover your plants on expected freeze nights.

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