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Library Materials


Illustrated Historical Atlas of Johnson County, Indiana
Edited by John V. Bergen       
Altas Stand Ref - 912 ATL
The atlas includes a variety of maps for cities and townships within Johnson County that include information on original landowners.  The maps and accompanying information are from 1820-1900.

online databases
This online database provides access to hundreds of magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias.  After accessing Inspire, type “history of your home” in the search bar.  The results include several articles on where to begin searching for information on the genealogy of your home.  The database is free to all Indiana residents and can be accessed in the library or from home.

If inside the library, click:
If outside the library, click:
This genealogy database includes access to the U.S. Federal Census collection, over 20,000 family and local history books, an index to nearly 2 million magazine articles with genealogical information, and a database of Revolutionary War era records.  The database can be accessed from the library and home computers.


Cyndi’s List -

How to Research the History of Your House - Architecture: Research Your Home-’s Genealogy: House Histories, Who Lived -


Johnson County Recorder -
The Recorders office has a number of legal documents available for public viewing including deeds, mortgage records, tax liens, and more concerning the history of your house.  Information dates back to the 1800s. No appointment is necessary to view the documents.
(317) 346-4385 | 86 W Court St, Franklin, IN 46131

Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology -
(317) 232-1646 | 402 W Washington St W274, Indianapolis, IN 46201

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana -
(317) 639-4534 or (800)-450-4534| 1201 N Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 4620

Indiana State Library -
(317) 232-3689 (Genealogy Division) or (317) 232-3670 (Indiana Division) | 140 N Senate Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Johnson County Museum of History, Genealogy Library -
The Genealogy Library includes a House and Business File alphabetically listing street names for each
town in the county.  The file contains various information, photos, newspaper articles, etc.  Along with
the House and Business File, the library has a variety of City Directories in their collection, listing who
lived at a particular address, listed by the address and not the name of the resident.
(317) 736-4655 | 135 N Main Street, Franklin, IN
Museum Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 10am-3pm


Where should I begin looking for information to compile a house history?
The first step is to get to know your home.  Begin by looking at your home to find clues about its age, type of construction, the materials used, the shape of the roofline, and other features that would provide information on the architecture and a general construction date.

Where can I find real estate information on my home?
The county Recorder’s Office holds information on deeds, mortgages, tax liens, and other legal documents concerning your home.

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