subject guide: Terrariums

Terrariums can be whimsical tiny worlds, hanging ornaments or simple arrangements of plants and stones.  Learn more about creating miniature gardens in glass containers with these resources.

Library Materials

Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds
by Amy Bryant Aiello
CALL # 635.9824 BRY
The World of Terrariums
by Charles Wilson
CALL # 635.98 WIL
Beautiful Tabletop Gardens
by Janice Eaton Kilby
CALL # 635.965 KIL
Complete Houseplants
by Jack Kramer
CALL # 635.965 KRA


University of Missouri: Terrariums -
A guide on assembling and caring for terrariums with a list of favorable conditions for many plant types.

Purdue Horticulture: Terrariums -
An article on terrarium plant types, soil mixtures, containers and care.

Bloom IQ Terrarium Basics -
A great introduction on terrariums with plenty of photos to inspire your terrarium designs.

Hipster Home: Light Bulb Terrarium  -
An excellent step-by-step project guide on creating a terrarium in a light bulb.

Air Plant -
A commercial source for Tillandsia plants with excellent information on plant varieties and care.

Modern Vase -
Although terrariums can be created out of re-purposed glass containers you may have around the house already, this is an online source for a wide variety of glass terrarium vases including hanging vessels.


What type of soil is best for terrariums?
Rather than regular garden soil, a mixture of one part sand, one part peat moss, and one part loam should be used in terrariums.

Are there any types of plants that should not be planted in terrariums?
Cactus and other succulents do not do well in terrariums because of the high humidity.

Will plants grown in a terrarium?
If watered and given proper care, plants will continue to grown in a terrarium and may need to be trimmed or pinched back.

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