My Librarian: Josie

Reading has always been an adventure for me, even from the very beginning. At the tender age of six I was told I had dyslexia and would struggle with reading and arithmetic. Never one to back down from a challenge, I took to listening to audio books with my Walkman while following along with the book and a dictionary. Slowly, I gained strength as a reader and came to understand my dyslexia. I finally tested as a proficient reader during my junior year of high school and went on to make reading my profession.

As an adult I still love to listen to audio books as I go about my day. I am an avid reader and love sinking into a story. With books, I can become a detective, live in a time long gone, or embark on a wild adventure. When I am not reading, I enjoy working on projects, pretending I am a gardener, and taking online quizzes which may or may not have any accuracy in predicting my future (I firmly believe they do).

I have three cats named Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. My favorite word is catawampus which is also the word I would use to best describe myself. I also have a fascination with animal facts – did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?

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My Top Picks

My favorite books have also become my best friends in a way. I am one of those people who enjoy re-reading books over the years. Many of these I have read into the double digits.

Once Upon a Crime

I love a good mystery. One of my dearest wishes is to become Miss Marple in my old age. My favorite type of mystery focuses on the clues to solve the riddle rather than the crime itself.

historically speaking

Before I became a librarian I worked in the world of history. My previous career shows in my love of historical fiction set mostly in Europe during the past few centuries.

A book a day keeps reality away

Anytime I want to explore a new world or jump into an adventure I reach for a fantasy novel. Lose yourself in one of these exciting reads.

treat yo' Shelves

Need a good laugh? Reading (or better yet – listening!) to a comedic autobiography is sure to brighten your day and make you feel better about the world.

Happy Endings

In general, I like to read and watch things that have happy endings. I am a sucker for a witty love story that will make me laugh, cry, and smile contentedly at the end.

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