Summer Reading for Toddlers/Babies

It's not always possible to read for an hour to a toddler or baby, so we have a list of activities that you can count as 60 minutes of reading.  For each activity you complete below, you can log 60 minutes on ReadSquared by clicking here.

- Visit a park
- Read under a blanket and sing a lullaby
- Roll a ball together and play with blocks or puzzles
- Play together with water and blow bubbles
- Watch 2 storytimes together
- Sing your favorite songs together
- Read five of your grown-ups favorite books from childhood
- Point to different body parts and learn their names
- Go for a walk. Talk about what you see, smell, and hear.
- Have your child trace letters, sing the alphabet together, and learn the letters in your names
- Have a picnic together
- Make silly noises, and turn something from your house into an instrument!
- Look at family pictures together, and call a friend or family member together
- Look for animals and talk about the sounds animals make
- Dance or bounce to music and outline your child's handprints and footprints
- Talk about rhyming words, and count fingers and toes
- Play with a mirror together, and play peek-a-boo or hide and seek
- Read with your pet or a stuffed animal
- Make up a song with your child's name in it, and drum rhythms on a table
- Practice holding a crayon or pencil
- Talk about what is happening in the pictures of 3 different books
- Tell your child a story about your life
- Make an art project together
- Count the houses you see during a drive, the petals on a flower, or the leaves on a tree branch.
- Talk about different shapes.
- Learn some sign language together that your child can use.




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