My Librarian: Sheila

I love being a librarian because I love working with books (people too!) and I get to do something different every day which just happens to include reading.  As you might imagine, working at a library I am a bit spoiled for choice, so my reading shelf is growing longer every day.  Sometimes I have both fiction and non-fiction going at the same time at home, and I always have an audiobook that I'm listening to in my car.  I'm always ready to read a biography of anyone I admire because reading about their story is like browsing through an intellectual mind... free, no charge.  Lastly, I have been hooked on historical fiction since I was about 10.  I think it was Rifles for Watie and Island of the Blue Dolphins that hooked me.  Itching for something new to read?  Shoot me an email.

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Sheila as your librarian.

My Top Picks

My list of favorite books is constantly changing.  Here are a few of the current favs!

courage to fight: WWII Fiction

During WWII, true stories emerged that captured our hearts.  This list features some fictional WWII stories that many times were based on true events.

First Class Crime

For those of us who choose to entertain ourselves, from time to time, with made-up stories of murder, mayhem, and deceit.

Lights, camera, literature

I love going to the movies, and book adaptations account for over half of the past best picture academy awards.  So, even if you have seen the movie...try the book to see what you missed.

Books About Books

If you are a booklover, then you know the excitement of picking up a book about books. For me, just having a book on the cover of a book excites me.  Can I say book more than once in the area-BOOKS!

Fascinating Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction, What!  Seriously, non-fiction has exposed me to a wide range of thought provoking options, plus it makes me seem smart to my kids.  These are some of my favorites...

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