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I will read almost any type of fiction. I really enjoy young adult books and magical realism. My favorite books include strong female characters and a lot of sarcasm. I like my stories to have action, drama, and a little romance. I prefer magical realism and paranormal stories to high fantasy, and I love fairy tale retellings and adaptations. I enjoy some audio books, especially for road trips, but it really depends on the narrator.

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I read both teen and adult books, though I tend to read mostly teen - mysteries, fantasy, contemporary fiction, romance, thrillers, a little of everything really. I like books that get my adrenaline pumping, make me laugh, make me cry, and make me think. I enjoy listening to audiobooks while I clean, knit, or take long trips. I especially like ones with British readers.

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I love to read love stories...contemporary or historical with a few paranormal authors thrown into the mix. Stories with a dash of humor and a strong heroine coming into her own are my favorite.  I greatly enjoy listening to non-fiction audiobooks, usually about history or social issues, while driving or taking walks.

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I enjoy reading mystery, suspense, memoirs, historical fiction and any debut authors but I read non-fiction often because I like to explore different topics and learn new things. I do love a good story whose setting is both contemporary and historical but has real-life plots. Not a fantasy gal! I’ve become hooked on audiobooks, which help me to concentrate.

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While I enjoy reading a variety of books, my favorite genres are magical realism and historical fiction.   Most of my favorite books tend to be fairly happy ones, but I also enjoy a good drama from time to time.  A few other favorites are humor, travel memoirs, and dog stories.  I enjoy reading physical books, ebooks, and listening to audiobooks.

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I read to escape, so most of my favorites are fantasy and science fiction titles. I also adore a good love story - the cheesier the better and action-packed graphic novels. I mostly read teen titles, but I've been having fun exploring adult selections lately. I like books with a bit of whimsy, strong female characters, a fast pace, and enough laughs to make it fun. I'm also a big fan of audiobooks, especially if the reader has an accent.

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Reading Interests:

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I enjoy romance and mysteries, especially ones involving some sort of creative diversion like sewing, knitting, or quilting. I also enjoy books dealing with personal finance, and books that have librarians and cats like the Miranda James Cat in the Stacks mysteries or Sofie Kelly’s Magical Cat Mysteries. Knitting books and cookbooks are also a few favorites.

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