Patrons with Evergreen GPL cards (green and blue colors) can stream 1,000s of audiobooks, TV episodes, music albums, films, eBooks and comics on their computers or download the same content to many smartphones and tablets from for FREE!

How It Works

1) Go to and click on Get Started Today in the middle of the page to set up your account or download the app and create a new account.
2) You can stream titles directly in your computer's browser (you may be prompted to download a Widevine Plug-In the first time) or you can stream OR download titles via the hoopla app on your smartphone or tablet for on the go use.
3) You can turn on the Kid Friendly mode in the app on your device by going to your settings.

Monthly Allowance

You can checkout up to 8 items per month at this time. If you've used up all your checkouts in a month, you can favorite items to remember them the following month(s). Also, if the library's daily budget is reached and you can't check anything out one day, you can favorite items to remember them for the next day. The daily budget is reset at 7pm during winter and 8pm when Daylight Savings Time occurs spring-fall.

Checkout Periods

Audiobooks, eBooks, & Comics = 21 days
Music albums* = 7 days (doesn't include Sony music catalog)
    *the same album can only be checked out 2 times/month
TV episodes & movies = 72 hours (a few are only 2 days)

Key Terms

streaming = You need a constant internet connection via wifi, DSL, cell, cable, etc.
download = You only need an internet connection when putting the app on your device initially and when you checkout a title.  You can watch/listen to your title while on the go.

Need Some Help?

For questions about the service and/or your Evergreen account, call the Help Desk at 317-885-5036 or email

For technical assistance with hoopla, visit, log into your hoopla account and click Help, or tap the ? in the app.

Compatible Devices (in addition to regular computers, Laptops, & Most Chromebooks):

  • Android devices running Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and above
  • Android TV devices
  • Chromecast from iOS and Android devices to the 1st and 2nd generation Chromecasts
  • Amazon devices running Fire OS 5.0.0 and above
  • Fire TV on 1st and 2nd gen devices; 3rd gen coming soon
  • iOS devices running iOS 9.3.5 and above
  • Apple TV 4th and 5th generation devices; Airplay on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation
  • Roku channel for devices running 7.6.3 or higher (for currently borrowed movies and television)*
       *support for Roku browsing and borrowing coming soon--click help link below for more information

Find more information about devices and troublshooting, visit