Buy a Brick

Become a part of the Greenwood Public Library by purchasing a brick or bricks to commemorate a family member, friend, or in memory of a loved one.  All donations will support the Imagine the Future campaign which will update aging areas of our facility and create relevant and beautiful spaces for our community.

How much is a brick?

Each brick is a $150 donation to the Friends of GPL.

What can I put on the brick?

Your brick can display up to 2 lines of text, with 14 characters per line.

How can I be sure my text will be correct?

When you order a brick, we will send you a letter that includes a verificiation of the engraved text.

How can I purchase a brick?

Bricks can be purchased by completing and submitting our paper form to Julia Reynolds.

Have additional questions?

Contact Julia Reynolds by email or phone 317-881-1953.


Bricks currently on the path leading into the Library:

ABT Computer Services, Inc.


In Memory of Sandy Kay Fyffe Ader

Glen & Mary Atkinson

AVC Corporation

Mary & Mike Blanchet

In Memory of Ken Bridgewater

Bob Bruce

Gina Bruce

The Buening Family

Buennagel Family

In Memory of  Jonathan Byrd Gwd Rotary Club

In Memory of James & Dorothy Coffman

Rosemary and Dexter Cooley

Anna Mae Cox

Ebbie Crawford

In Memory of James Michael/Deputy

In Memory of  Isaac Robert Ditmer

In Memory of Sharon Enderle

In Memory of Penny Jill Fields Thompson

Ken and Margaret Foster

Girl Scout Troop 1206

Honoring her service to GPL  Sue Good

Greenwood  Chamber of Commerce

Greenwood Coterie Club

Delta Lambda Chapter of Tri Kappa

In Memory of Grace Hamilton

In Honor of Margaret L. Hamilton


In Memory of  Richard Heiney

Lauren, Bryce Aubree, Levi & Mason Hernandez

Mark E. Hershman

In Memory of Betty V. Hey

In Memory of Jan Hurrell

Thank you IUPUI – M320 Fall 2008

In Memory of Tom Jett, Jr.

KB Solutions Kurt Stevens

K.R. Montgomery  & Assoc.

In Memory of/Hazel E. Johnson

In Memory of Walt & Pam Johnson,

In Memory of Cody & Becky Youngblood

Kappa, Kappa Kappa, Gwd Beta Assoc.

In Memory of Scarlett Autumn Kapke

Don and Meme Kramer

In Memory of/Brenda Sue Johnson-Lackey

Harold & Janet Laut

“Lil C” Chris Leffe - Sharon, Josh & Mom

Francine, Miche Bobby, PJ, Tony, Jeff Goben

B&B Lessard

Gary & Carol Lindenmayer

Jim & Rita Martin North UMC

In Memory of/Patrick C. Matthews

Angela McGaha

Russ and Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller 16 yrs as GPL Trustee

In Memory of Melissa Ann Nix

In Memory of Viola K. Nix

In Memory of Darlene Norris

Brook, Gabe and Evee Ochoa

Honoring Ralph, Helene, Dove and Janine Orr

Honoring service to GPL Janine Orr

Honoring service to GPL Carolyn Pangburn

Helen Juanita Payne

In Memory of Pinchart Family/Belgium

In Honor of Kathy Petrere

Lori Pfeiffer

In Honor of Pooja & Parthiv

Lou and Judy Posz

Roncalli High School RPO

Kyle Sawa

Mike and Nancy Sawa

In Memory of Sidney (Rusty) Sisco

Tom and Rita Sizemore

In Memory of Debbie Smart

Dave, Paula, Allisa, Lauryn Spalding,

In Honor of Rosemarie Stem

Someone Special Anji L. Stewart

Jean Sullivan Dedicated to GPL for 13 Yrs

Roger Swafford

In Memory of Mom: Sharon Syra

Love: Mary, Kim, Jim, Randy and Garrett

In Memory of Helen Tavenor

Ron & Shirley Thomas

In Honor of Paul R. Totten

Gerald, Susan and Holly Wade

Ron & Gina West

In Honor of Hattie Whiteacre

Annabelle Jerger White

Joseph Jerger White

In Memory of Danna Kyle Wicker

David & Anne Wolf

Genny Worsham

In memory of Joe Valentine 

Sizemore Insurance Agency                       

The Brent Corey Family                                                                

Jonah and Mimi Stelljes 2015                     

John and Angela Stelljes 2015                                    

In Memory of Ginger Van Valer                                                

Marc and Rhonda Price                                                

Chuck and Jane Weisenbach                                      

Paul and Beth Gaylo                                                      

Lori Feller                                                                           

Brenda Spicer                                                   

Jim and Nancy Johnson                                                                

Janet Buckley                                                                   

Mark and Linda Messick Psalms 27:1                                      

Liz Lickliter                                                                          

Ellen Miller and Family                                                                  

Cheryl & Mark Dobbs  Gal 6:9

Shirley Powell taught me to love books - CD                                                       

David Wolf DDS                                                                

In Memory of John Winters

In Memory of Jeanne Lickliter                                                                   

Jill & Melvin Chenoweth                                                                              

Mary Marin                                                                       

Paul and Beth Gaylo                                                      

Sheila Cagle                                                                       

Brad Binder                                                                       

IT Indianapolis; The Wrights                                           

Carolyn and Jerry Rankin                                             

Mike and Diane Crumbo                                              

Petro's Culligan                                                                

Judy and Rik Spencer                                                    

David Payne and Garnet Vaughan                           

Tom Phillips                                                       

In Memory of Carolyn Phillips    

Bailey and Wood Financial                                           

First Merchant's Bank                                                   

Beau and Julia Taylor                                                     

Denise Smith Stanger                                    

Joan Panos Stanger                                        

 In Memory of Mary V. Torlai                                     

The Reisert Family                                                          

Delta Lambda Chapter Tri Kappa                              

Bob & Alice Stein                                                             

In Memory of Rita Sizemore                                      

Vi Gindling                                                                         

Ken and Doris Keating                                   

Larry and Kim Hobson                                   

Leo and Vivi  Taylor        

David Kanavy                                                                    

In honor of Phyllis Lovgren                                         

Jane Harty                                                                          

The Winget Family                                                                          

Maurice and Arlene Smock

The Corbeils, J,E,B & D

Jack and Evan Siminski

Floyd & Sandy Frenia

In Memory of Carol McQuilkin

In Remembrance of Baby RFK 2021

Paden & Giada Misluk-Gervase

In Memory of Augstine Kirk

In Memory of Harold Kirk

Mahalo Papa! Riley and Remi L


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