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Title: Our Subway Baby

Author: Peter Mercurio

Illustrator: Leo Espinosa



How are families made? Danny and Pete were lucky enough to find their missing piece in the subway station, of all places. On his way home, Danny saw a small shape in the corner of the subway station. It was an abandoned baby. He called the police and his partner, Pete, who arrived when the police did. They had never planned on raising children, but there was something about this boy that they knew was special. Months later, during a court hearing to decide what would happen to the little black boy, the judge asked the men whether they were interested in adopting the child. They were! Danny became Daddy Danny, and Pete became Papa Pete.

This is a sweet, heartwarming story about family and love, featuring a transracial adoption. Best of all, it's true! Pete wrote the book himself, and their son, Kevin, is now an adult. 

- Miss Katherine

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