My Librarian: Anna

I really do believe I have the best job in the library! Everyday I unpack boxes of brand new books that have been purchased for the collection and I get to see them first and then I get to see every book again when I make sure it gets into the catalog to be found by the public. Needless to say my Goodreads "Want to Read" list is a mile log. Even if I wasn't interested in something before, if the right book comes in, I am right down the rabbit hole with it. 

I don't have any sort of attention span when it comes to my interests. I have picked up a plethora of arts & crafts books--looking mostly at knitting and paper crafts with a bit of sewing. I am pretty sure I checked out every bread book in my quest for the perfect pizza dough. I requested every book I could when we brought home our rescued Great Dane. I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and then I had to get books on raising backyard chickens and tending a garden. Most recently I was checking out books on tiny homes when my family gutted a '99 Bluebird Bus and turned it into a skoolie. I also took advantage of our collections items and checked out a ukulele and then I had to grab all the books I could to learn how to play my brand new ukes (having just one wasn't enough).

When I am not pursuing a passing interest, I enjoy reading or listening to books that are very much in the Rom-Com genre. The past few years have been hard, and just like watching a movie, a good book feels like a big bowl of ice cream or a mug of hot chocolate. 

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Anna as your librarian.

My Top Picks

This Could Be a Movie

Books that make me really want to see it adapted for the screen.

Someone else's life

Great biographies.

Deep Diving

Digging deeper into fascinating topics.

Life in General

Books about living life.

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