My Librarian: Anna

I like reading, but I find that it is usually a means to an end.  I love learning. More to the point, I love learning a little about a lot of different things. Google is great until I want to know more. So I read.  I read memoirs and biographies, microhistories, and self-help.  If the subject looks fascinating than I crack open the pages to dig a little deeper. It is also my job to check in every book that comes into the library so I find a new subject to fascinate me weekly.  I have often said that books are dangerous.  A little fact here, a tidbit of information there, and your entire life can be altered. Because of the books I have read -  I run and hike with minimalist shoes; I have 8 chickens in my backyard; I have said goodbye to most of my clutter; I am conscience of my light pollution; and I have a dream that I am actively working towards to hike the Appalachian Trail.

I approach fiction in much the same way. I enjoy reading books that I can identify with (a 30-something mom living in the suburbs) and for a long time this is all I read until I started participating in reading challenges which really got me of a rut. I love having a list of things to push me into finding something new.  If you need a challenge may I suggest  the PopSugar reading challenge?  It is different every year and always fun to participate in.

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Anna as your librarian.

My Top Picks

Random books that I liked that made me think, left me inspired, or just made me feel.

This Would Be a Great Movie

I found that there are two ways to read books: like you are casually watching a movie, or that you are in the movie by inserting yourself into a character and that the action is happening all around you.  Either way you read these books would make a great movie if they only ever make it to the silver screen in your head.

Someone else's life

Memoirs have the unique ability to put you into someone else's head and let you see unique situations through a different lense.

Directions for Living

Part self-help, part spirituality, these gently guide rather than chide.

Things that make you go "huh"

My philosophy is to never stop learning.  I like learning about a lot of things.  These are just some books I found fasinating.

Good Eats

If you need a little inspiration in the kitchen or want to know why your food combinations work or fail these books will help you out.

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