My Librarian: Anne

I spent my childhood deep in Lake Effect Snow Country where the bookmobile only came once a month. In preparation for winter I had stacks of books that I would pile next to my bed and read late into the night while the wind shook my windows and I huddled under tons of blankets.

For the most part - my “adult reading” consists of Christian non-fiction and self-help health books.

The majority of the recommendations for juvenile fiction have been through the reading I have done while serving on the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee for the last three years. I have some favorites that did not make their list and I am dying to share.

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Anne as your librarian.

My Top Picks

This is an eclectic list of Christian Non-Fiction, self-help, and other assorted beloved books.

Recent Juvenile Fiction: Fantasy/Mystery

These are some of the very favorite fiction pieces that I LOVED.

Realistic/Historic Juvenile Fiction

I love realistic fiction and especially historical fiction!


Very few teacher training universities prepare teachers to actually teach reading.  These resources are very helpful to reach the one in five students who have dyslexia.

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