My Librarian: Donna

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember and working in libraries almost as long! I will read anything I can get my hands on, but I really love stories that pull me in – either through wonderful settings or characters I wish I could be friends with. I like stories that make me laugh out loud, and ones that make me ugly-cry. My favorite stories do both.

When (if) I’m not reading, I’m hanging out with my family, usually playing board games or just being silly together. I have an adorable hound who thinks she’s my shadow and is kind of spoiled. I say I like to craft, but really, I just like collecting craft supplies and Pinterest ideas.

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Donna as your librarian.



My Top Picks

I really can’t pick favorites, so here are my most recent 4 or 5 star reads.   

Listen to This!

I love audiobooks. These are some that I think have great narrators. 

Teen Books for Adults

If you think you’re too old to read these . . .  you probably are.

Everything Else

Books I love but that don’t fit in a category. Mostly nonfiction “get your life together” kind of books.

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