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I read to escape - there's a certain excitement that comes with exploring imaginary lands, battling monsters, or travelling through time - so I suppose when I say that my favorite reads are usually science fiction or fantasy titles, it should come as no surprise.  Stories usually play out like movies in my head, so the more vibrant the description and intense the action, the better.  I'm also a movie enthusiast, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the two go hand in hand.

While I primarily read teen fiction, I've really enjoyed exploring more adult offerings, especially through audiobooks.  If the reader has an accent, I'm game!  Dark, pun-y humor makes me extremely happy, along with sweet, contemporary teen fiction that offers a little swoon, and beautifully drawn, gritty graphic novels.  And yes, I collect fictional boyfriends.

When I'm not reading I'm usually playing fetch with my dog, hiding from my cat, binge watching TV and 80s movies, or plotting out any number of novels that play a part in my daydreams that I will one day write.

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Emily as your librarian.

My Top Picks

Here are a few of my favorite reads.  Please just know that putting this list together brought me great anguish.  There are sooooo many more.

As you wish

I'm pretty sure my affinity for cheesy 80s rom-coms has made me a sucker for sweet, contemporary fiction.  There's just something about young love that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

may the odds be ever in your favor

If  you like to imagine terrifying, catastrophic, apocalyptic futures, then science fiction might be your jam.  They're never pretty, but they're always thought provoking and full of adventure.

To Boldly go where no one has gone before

Thanks to movies like Insterstellar and Gravity, I have zero desire to actually go into space, but I am always up for a good space fiction title.  Really I just want to be a passenger on the Serentiy - "I am to misbehave."

Nobody tosses a dwarf!

Sometimes you might just find yourself in the mood for a bit of magic, a touch of whimsy, or an epic journey into an imaginary land.  When that happens, these titles will sweep you away.

Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  You ain't heard nothin' Yet.

I never fully appreciated audiobooks until I realized they allow me to always be reading.  And when I fall in love with a reader's performance, I must read everything they've read.

Come son of Jor-El, kneel before zod!  Snootchie-bootchies

I'm a recent convert to the world that is comic books, but now they are in constant rotation on my to-be-read lists.  The grittier and darker the better.

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