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When asked what hobbies I have, my answer is always “reading” because any spare time I have between parenting two kids, going to work, cooking, cleaning the house, and all those other day-to-day aspects of life is spent reading. In fact, some of the time I should be spending on those day-to-day chores, including such mundane tasks as sleeping, is spent reading as well.  I’m always up for a well-written romance novel (those happy endings are always great) and also enjoy broadening my horizons with modern fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and the occasional historical tome. I enjoy listening to podcasts while walking or driving and have recently started listening to non-fiction audiobooks to make the walk/drive go faster. Please let me know if you need help finding a great next read!

Request a book recommendation.  Be sure to select Susan as your librarian.


My Top Picks

Here are some favorites of mine from childhood to the present.

had a bad day (funny contemporary romances)

Some days just, well, suck.  Forget your bad day and lose yourself in these romance titles that will make you alough while pulling at your heartstrings.

learn something while you walk

Multitask learning with anything.  These entertaining non-fiction audiobooks are great to listen to while cleaning, driving, name it!

historical romance novels for the learned

Romance books in general get a bad rap.  "Bodice rippers" arent' what they used to be.  Try out any of these titles to read about a strong heroine who, yes, will take a little help from the hero, but can stand strong in her own right.

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